The System is a model created by Andrew Ippoliti & Zach Valenti for effectively living a purposeful life.


Great question! Looking honestly at our performance to-date, there’s a gap between what we’ve hoped to accomplish and what we’ve actually gotten done. Upon reflection, it seems we’ve lacked a coherent system for making decisions. This document is our first attempt at creating this system.


The System has four parts:

  • The Foundation
  • Decisions
  • Execution
  • Reflection

The Foundation is a combination of our beliefs, values, commitments, dreams & aspirations, and our principles. …

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So you’re thinking about starting a podcast? Does it seem overwhelming? Don’t know what gear you need? Wondering how to build an audience? In this article, I break down the major things involved in launching and maintaining a podcast that I had to learn the hard way.

What hard…

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